United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Growth

United Healthcare is the largest Medicare Supplement Insurance Company in the senior market. Yesterday they released that United Healthcare has added over 60,000 policy holders in the 3rd quarter of 2012. This brings United Healthcare Medicare Supplement policy count to over 3,135,000 in force Medigap Policies. This number represents a growth of over 240,000 policies and an 8% increase in their Medicare Supplement business over last year.
CSG Actuarial projects this policy count growth will generate $7.4 billion in Medicare Supplement premiums for UnitedHealthcare in 2012.

United Healthcare's Medigap plans have some of the most stable rates in the country and their applications tend to ask less health questions than most insurance policies. Also they are located in all 50 states which makes them a very well known insurance company. Seniors can depend on United Healthcare being a strong player in the senior market for the long haul.

United Healthcare and Mutual of Omaha

Two of the largest Medicare Supplement carriers in the senior insurance market are United Healthcare and Mutual of Omaha. In general, what many agents see is that United Healthcare has a little higher rates with more rate stability. Mutual of Omaha has lower rates by tends to see more rate increases over the years.

The million dollar question is should I go with a United Healthcare Medicare Supplement and pay a higher premium at first for a chance of having lower premiums over a 5 to 10 year span. Option two would be go with the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement which is attractive now and switch every few years until my health does not allow me to switch.

If you would like to see United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Quotes you can go to the Medicare Insurance Finders home page and run a quick quote which will allow you to see what they offer in your zip code.