Parts of Medicare

The Medicare program is designed to offer basic coverage to assist in paying for doctor visits, procedures and hospital stays. Medicare is divided into four main parts – A, B, C and D. Many people agree that all the various parts of Medicare make this process very confusing. In this article, you will see all the details associated with the parts of Medicare.

The Medicare Maze

The Medicare Maze
Don’t get lost in the Medicare maze! Let MWG Senior Services be your light and we will guide you every step of the way through pre-retirement and post-retirement. It is never too early to start discussing your Medicare options and asking questions.

2018 Annual Election Period

Beginning October 1st through October 14th, MWG Senior Services prepares for the AEP by uploading the current medication worksheets you submitted and by comparing your current prescription drug plan (PDP) to your PDP for the upcoming year. These plans change every year and that is why we offer to review them annually, free of charge, for our Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage clients.

New Mutual of Omaha Plans

MWG Senior Services is excited to announce the new Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) and Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD) that will be offered by Mutual of Omaha. Mutual of Omaha has been in business since 1909 and is a well-known and respected company. The PDP plans will be available in all states, except New York, and the MAPD plan will be available in Bexar County in Texas (San Antonio area) for now.

Medicare Supplement Agent Services

If you have a question about your policy, would your Medicare Supplement agent be available for you to call? Would your agent check your PDP plan EVERY year, free of charge?

Annual Enrollment Period

Mid October through the first part of December is often referred to as “Open Enrollment Period” or “Annual Enrollment Period”. They go hand in hand, and here’s why. During this time, you can not only make changes to your stand-alone drug plan, but you can also make changes to your Medicare Advantage plan (depending on which one you have). We recommend having someone like us in your corner to assist you through these changes. Our only requirement for this annual assistance is that you sign up with a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan through our advisors. If you do not currently have one of those plans through us, give us a call today and one of our advisors will be glad to help. They can be reached at (877) 759-5760, option 1. The Annual Enrollment Period comes every year at the same time, beginning October 15th and ending December 7th. Some clients are under the impression that the Annual Enrollment period is the only time you can change or get a Medicare Supplement. This is not true. The good thing about Medicare Supplements is that you can change them anytime throughout the year. This Annual Enrollment Period is only for making changes in a stand-alone prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage plan.

Compare Medicare Drug Plans

As of October 1, 2013, it will be time to compare Part D Plans for for the following year. This means that it is time to review Part D plans whether you are taking 1 prescription or 20 prescriptions. Plans change each year, this includes the formulary, co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, pharmacies in the network, and the monthly plan premium. With this many factors changing each year it is wise to compare Part D plans. 

Compare Part D Plans

It is that time of the year - time to compare Part D plans. It is the Annual Election Period next week and this is the time of the year which you can compare and switch Part D plans. You do not have to compare or switch plans, but it is highly recommended since these plans will change each year.

Medicare Part D Analysis

Do you know how to complete a Medicare Part D analysis? An even better question is: does your Medicare Supplement agent help you compare Part D plans each year? If not you need to call Medicare Insurance Finders who will compare Medicare Part D plans each Annual Election Period (October 15th - December 7th) to make sure you have the most cost effective plan for your needs.

Prevent Medicare Part D Mistakes

With over 30 million drug plans written during the Annual Election Period there are going to be a few mistakes. Today, we will review some of the ways that you can prevent the Medicare Part D mistakes or issues that arise after submitting an application.

5 Ways for Seniors to Save Money!

What are the best ways for seniors to save money in 2013? We have a list that will show you 5 ways your money may be getting thrown down the tube. Right now our economy has a Congress that is gridlocked and disagreeing with everything the other party proposes, CDs and Annuities are at pretty low rates, and the cost of our necessities continue to go up. Medicare Insurance Finders thinks there is no better time than the present to start saving.

Annual Election Period Ending

The end of the Annual Election Period (October 15th - December 7th) is coming soon. The annual election period is the time of year where Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Advantage Plans can be changed, dropped or switched to other coverage. You can always tell when this time of the year is upon us due to all the TV ads and mailouts that large companies like Humana, AARP, and others participate in.