Medigap Rates

If you are wanting to compare Medigap Rates you should know several things that will help you find the best Medicare Supplement Plan. Before we explain several easy steps lets first cover what a Medigap policy is and what Medicare says about Medigap rates.

Medigap is private insurance that fills in the gaps of Original Medicare. It is sold by private insurance companies in all 50 states. These plans offer the same standardized benefits; however, price can vary greatly. Medicare actually explains that, "The only difference between two companies offering the same plan is the price." This means that a Medigap Plan F with one company is the same as a Plan F with another company.

Medigap Rates - What you need to Know

You should know that there are many websites on the web that tell you that they can help you compare Medigap rates. Most of the time, you will be filling out a lead form that can is submitted to numerous insurance agents that will call you for weeks. There are only a few websites on the web (Like Medicare Insurance Finders) that will provide you with quotes online.

If you are looking to get a quick quote without sending out your contact information to the whole world go to Medicare Insurance Finders - Quote Engine. The is the easiest way to compare Medigap Quotes. There are 4 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the demographic info needed to get a quote (Date of Birth, Proposed Effective Date, Zip Code, Tobacco Usage, Gender)
  2. Fill out just a few more pieces of information to get a solid quote (Medicare Effective Date is not required but some carriers like United Healthcare offer discounts depending on your effective dates, in certain states)
  3. Review the quotes with over 20 carriers (not all companies write in every state)
  4. Get your quote request number and a licensed agent who can answer any questions if you need help.

Only 4 steps are required to compare easy quotes online for Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Your information is not sold or used for mass marketing purposes.

If you would like to speak with someone call Medicare Insurance Finders at 1-877-759-5760.

Remember when comparing Medigap rates price is the main difference and can help you save hundreds if not thousands every few years. Our average client saves over $500 just by comparing these plans. If you are "Uninsurable" we also have an option for Medicare Supplement coverage.