Medicare Supplemental Rates

A report was released today showing the most competitive Medicare Supplemental Rates by carriers across the country. This report rates the carriers across all states, plans, ages, genders, and zip codes. This report is released each month so it changes regularly.

Another thing to consider is that some of these carriers may only be in one state, they may not be a secure rated carrier with AM Best, and they may be very new to the market which means they have not experienced any rate increases yet. Medicare Supplemental Rates are not something that you can understand over night, they are not a rates that one carrier will always be the most beneficial to choose, and they will not be the same in every state.

In other words, this is a monthly list and some of these carriers may be here this month but not be in the list of Top 10 Carriers Nationally next month. That is just the way Medicare Supplemental Rates work.

The Top 10 Carriers (as of October 1, 2012)

1) Old Surety

2) New Era Life

3) Heartland National

4) United Healthcare


6) Central States Indemnity

7) United National Life

8) Aetna

9) Forethought

10) Medico

There are a few carriers on this list that are not "secure" rated with AM Best or other rating agencies so I would personally not recommend those companies to our clients. Also AFLAC is a company that has not even been in the Medicare Supplement market for 2 months, so everything looks good on their policies right now (especially loss ratios).

To learn more about Medicare Supplements and Rates go to Medicare Insurance Finders and review some of the articles that have been posted to help seniors with Medicare and other types of insurance that apply. Thank you for visiting our article and we hope you have a wonderful day.