Medicare Supplement Quotes

Have you ever been to a website where the promised online Medicare Supplement Quotes but only showed you a screen that says "An agent will call you shortly with your quote". Kind of deceiving don't you think! Well, Medicare Insurance Finders provides you with online health insurance rates in just about every state across the country. The quotes displayed are only for those 65 or older so if you do not meet this criteria, I am sorry that we can not help.

However, if you are looking for the most competitive Medicare Supplement Quotes we will provide you with online rates with over 25 insurance companies. Companies like: Mutual of Omaha, Cigna Insurance Company, AARP/United Healthcare, Aflac, American Continental, New Era, Philadelphia American, Gerber Life and many more.

Yes, these are online quotes that are available in minutes through our Medicare Quote Engine. If you would like to view these Medicare Supplement Quotes without reading the remainder of the article click here!

Save Hundreds on your Supplemental Insurance


There are several factors that are important to understand when comparing rates between insurance companies.

  1. Standardized coverage - each company has to offer the same benefits. This means that a Mutual of Omaha Plan F provides the same coverage as the Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F. Price is a very important factor and should be compared between Medicare companies.
  2. Financial Ratings - choose a carrier with a B+ or higher financial rating with AM Best, a world-wide rating agency that monitors insurance company financials. The rating is important because you want to have a company that will be financially stable.
  3. Loss Ratios - sometimes choosing the lowest price carrier can get you in trouble. There are certain carriers that enter a marketplace with a policy that is 15% cheaper than any other policy available. They are destined for high rate increases.
Medicare Insurance Finders offers solid advice to their clients and those seeking help in finding the right Medicare plan.. Our organization provides Medicare Advice all over the country and offers a "Welcome to Medicare" presentation to help people understand the basics of Medicare. We can be reached at 1-877-759-5760.
When comparing Medicare Supplement Quotes know that if you are in an "ATTAINED AGE STATE" your premiums will typically be going up each year on your birthday. Also Medicare Supplement premiums have an 8% average rate increase per year so do not be surprised to see these types of increases.