Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F

The Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F is the most popular Medigap plan available. The coverage is the most comprehensive of any plan, and it allows you to go to any doctor or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare.

During your Open Enrollment Period there are No Health Questions for any Medigap Plan available in your state. In guaranteed issue periods, the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F still has no health questions where other plans like a Plan G has health questions during these guaranteed issue periods.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F

The best Medicare supplement insurance you can have is Plan F coverage. The rates for a Plan F will not be the cheapest but the best coverage never is. Medicare clearly states that plans are standardized between insurance companies. This means that American Continental and AARP have to offer the same plan benefits for any Medigap plan. This causes price to be the main factor when differentiating Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F Rates

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F rates will vary between different companies and states. Below are two examples that will help clear up any mis-communication:

  1. State Rates Example: Cigna may charge $110 for a 65 year old male in Jackson, Mississippi, but will charge $155 for a 65 male in Dallas, Texas.
  2. Company Rate Examples: A Florida Medicare Supplement may cost $185 for a 65 male with United Healthcare/AARP, but Gerber Life Insurance Company may charge $255 for that same individual.

Rates will vary all across the country by state and company. This is why we highly recommend individual consumers going to Medicare Insurance Finders to compare online Medicare Supplement Rates with over 25 companies in a matter of minutes. There may not be 25 companies in your state, but we do have over 25 companies across the United States that are selling Medigap policies.

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