Medicare Supplement FMO

Morgan-White Group has been a leader in the insurance industry for over 25 years. With niche products such as online dental & vision plans and the AmFirst Insurance Company and Standard Life Premium Saver plans many brokers across the country have become familiar with the Morgan-White Group name. Now MWG has decided to move into the Medicare market as a Medicare Supplement FMO.

What makes Morgan White Group a better Medicare Supplement FMO than other agencies in the market?

  • Free Medicare Supplement Quote Engine for Agents
  • Free Dental/Vision Quote Engine for Agents
  • Free Life Insurance Quote Engine for Agents
  • Over 25 Medicare Supplement Companies to choose from
  • Website Quoters for your website
  • Medigap Quotes in under 2 minutes anywhere in the country
  • 25 Years of Experience in the Insurance Industry
  • Top 30 Fastest Growing Insurance Agencies in the country


Morgan-White Group has been providing brokerage services for over 25 years. We specialize in providing niche market products and tools that help set agents apart from other brokers. Our brokerage circle reaches 42 countries with have approximately 15,000 agents domestically and over 3,500 agents internationally. We provide front end administration and marketing services for carriers such as: Lloyds of London, Delta Dental, VSP, Standard Life, and many more.

Now MWG Senior Services has decided to enter the brokerage world for Medicare Supplements. After 8 years of writing Medicare Supplements all over the country through every method imaginable, they have decided to use their high commissioned contracts and technology to recruit brokers.

Free Quote Engine for Brokers
One of the things that sets MWG Senior Services apart is our Medicare Supplement Quote Engine. This is an online quoting portal for brokers that will allow them to offer Medicare Supplements at any time in less than 2 minutes with over 25 insurance companies. Computer, Ipad, and Iphone all have the abilities to run quotes in 47 states.

What else is offered? We provide you with marketing material, a quoter for your website, link tracking, online mini contact management, and the batch quoter. The batch quoter allows you to input 100 individuals (200 people if they are spouses) into an excel file and upload the file choosing the carriers you would like to quote. Upon clicking the next button you will have quotes for each individual on the list.