California Medicare Supplements

As we have mentioned in different articles, Medicare is a federally regulated health insurance program, but each state has different laws regarding the ways their Medicare Supplements are administered. In this article we will be discussing California Medicare Supplements and some of the state's interesting laws. The most unique law is the "Birthday Rule", which states that any Medicare beneficiary that resides in the state of California can choose a Medicare Supplement for 30 days following their birthday with no health questions. The Medigap plan chosen must have equal to or lesser benefits. In other words they can not go from a basic plan to a Cadillac plan after getting cancer.

California Medicare Supplement Rates

California Medicare supplement rates are much less expensive than other parts of the country that have weird guaranteed issue laws. I like how California established their Medigap plans in the since that someone who already had a Medicare Supplement can change to a different policy with lower rates; however, someone who never purchased insurance can not go get one for the first time.

Medigap rates in California can be as low as $100 a month for someone turning 65 years old. This is inexpensive compared to Connecticut's $250 a month or Florida's $200 a month for a 65 year old.

California Medicare Supplement Carriers

California Medicare Supplement carriers are somewhat extensive. There are a lot of carriers offering Medigap policies so remember the importance of comparing Medicare Supplements on Medicare Insurance Finders to make sure you do not overpay.

Blue Shield of California is one of the largest Medigap Insurance Companies in the state. They also have special discounts, like a $20 discount when you purchase a plan at the age of 65. UnitedHealthcare also has some discounts if your Medicare Part B went into effect within the last 3 years. After reviewing quotes on Medicare Insurance Finders you will notice which carriers provide the best coverage at the lowest rates.