Annual Election Period Ending

The end of the Annual Election Period (October 15th - December 7th) is coming soon. The annual election period is the time of year where Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Advantage Plans can be changed, dropped or switched to other coverage. You can always tell when this time of the year is upon us due to all the TV ads and mailouts that large companies like Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and others participate in.

Just because the annual election period is ending does not mean that your Medigap Insurance can not be changed. These policies can be reviewed anytime during the year and have no restrictions on when you can make changes. In fact, it is advised that you compare Medicare Supplement Rates every 3 years to make sure you are not paying too much for your coverage. To compare Medicare Supplement Rates click here.

Annual Election Period

If you have not reviewed your Medicare Part D plans yet, it is time to get on the ball. These plans typically change every year and just because your liked your current plan does not mean that it will have the same benefits in the upcoming year. So many people keep their current coverage because it was great and then 2 months into the following year they realize that their coverage does not provide the same benefits. REVIEW YOUR OPTIONS.

What should I review?

When reviewing your Part D coverage start with gathering a list of your prescriptions, dosages, and the pharmacy that you choose to get your coverage through. The next step is that you can go to to review the different plans in your zip code. If you are not familiar with how to do this call a Senior Market Advisor at Morgan-White Group at 877-759-5760 for help with your insurance coverage.

Sometimes the most cost effective plan can vary thousands of dollars from other Part D Plans Available. This is why reviewing this coverage is important. Remember you can only review make changes to these plans during the Annual Election Period.

Review your Medigap Insurance

While reviewing your Part D coverage it is not a bad idea to compare Medicare Supplement insurance plans to make sure you are not paying too much for your coverage. Again, Medicare explains that the main difference between Medicare Supplement Insurance is the price. The benefits offered are the same between insurance companies so if you are not reviewing your insurance you could be throwing thousands of dollars away each year.

To get Medicare Supplement Quotes Click here. You will be redirected to a Medicare Insurance Finders page that allows quick and easy online Medigap Quotes.

Medicare Supplement Plan Design

 Medicare Supplement Insurance - Compare Plans

This is a chart which shows the standardized plans offered by Medicare Supplement Insurance companies. Choose a plan that fits your needs and click above to get a quote in less than two minutes. If you need more assistance call 877-759-5760.