Medicare Supplement Plans AARP

If you are looking for Medigap Insurance, you will want to consider an AARP Medicare Supplement for your supplemental insurance coverage. AARP Medicare Supplements are very beneficial to consumers in several unique ways. The most important factor is that they ask very few health questions compared to other Medigap Insurance Companies. So an individual who has dealt with heart troubles over the last several years and can not qualify for other supplemental insurance can purchase and AARP Medigap policy in most cases.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Plans are labeled by letters A - N. These plans are standardized which means all Medicare Supplement Companies must offer the same benefits. The biggest differences come down to the price and financial stability of the company. Below you will see the different Medigap Plans and the coverage they offer.

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AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP's Medigap plans are setup different than most insurance companies in the market. Their benefits do not vary from the standardized plans but their pricing model and underwriting model are much different.

The first thing to know is AARP is not an insurance company. United Healthcare is their Medicare Supplement Company but AARP has branded the products for their distribution. AARP Medicare Supplements are sold by AARP directly and also sold through insurance agents who are appointed and licensed in the appropriate states to sell these plans.

AARP Medicare Supplement Quotes

AARP Medicare Supplement Quotes are available online through Medicare Insurance Finders. You can compare medicare supplemental insurance with over 20 carriers in 47 states in less than 2 minutes. The process is simple and non-invasive like some of the different sites that want to know more information that what is needed. To request Medigap Quotes Online try one of the following things, click HERE.

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