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  • 4 Things to Know About the COVID Vaccine

    It is a lot to understanding the body’s immune system. We can’t all be doctors, right? The talk of the 2021 year (so far) has been the coronavirus ...
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  • A Furry Retirement!

    Here at MWG Senior Services, we want to promote health living for our clients in retirement. For those who don't know, wellness is practicing daily healthy habits to gain better physical and mental health outcomes. There are so many options for creating a healthy lifestyle, such as adding a furry friend to your home!
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  • Treat Yourself To A Sweet Retirement!

    With Valentine’s Day near, we wanted to share a story about a couple who is living the sweet life of retirement, thanks to the help of MWG Senior Services! Once upon a time,

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  • What Is Your Retirement Resolution?

    Happy New Year from MWG Senior Services! With the New Year, it is a great time to reflect on your goals for 2021. In the first year of retirement, ...
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  • Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

    Are you trying to understand your insurance options with Medicare? You are not alone! Find out the difference between a Medicare Supplement Plan vs. a Medicare Advantage Plan to see which one fits like a glove!
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