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  • Treat Yourself To A Sweet Retirement!

    With Valentine’s Day near, we wanted to share a story about a couple who is living the sweet life of retirement, thanks to the help of MWG Senior Services! Once upon a time,

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  • What Is Your Retirement Resolution?

    Happy New Year from MWG Senior Services! With the New Year, it is a great time to reflect on your goals for 2021. In the first year of retirement, ...
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  • Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

    Are you trying to understand your insurance options with Medicare? You are not alone! Find out the difference between a Medicare Supplement Plan vs. a Medicare Advantage Plan to see which one fits like a glove!
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  • Medicare & Mental Health

    The most common mental illness for those over 60 years old is depression. It impacts 6 million Americans but only 10% receive help. If you are enrolled in Medicare, you have several benefits for mental wellness.
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  • Medicare Coverage For Virtual Doctor Visits

    With the annual flu season coming and COVID-19 cases on the rise, it is more important than ever to take pre-cautions when visiting the doctor. Virtual visits are known as “E-visits”, which are online appointments with your physician through a patient portal. This is a great option for those who are sick and do not want to get out of the house.
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