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Medicare Supplement Advice

  • To Delay or Not to Delay

    To delay or not to delay, that is the question. If you think you may delay your Part B coverage, read to learn more about avoiding penalties.
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  • Knee Replacement Surgery & Medicare

    Depending on the Medicare Supplement plan that you choose, it might cover some cost of a knee replacement surgery. These plans assist with deductibles, coinsurance or copayments. Be sure to note that your prescription drugs are not covered by Medicare or a Medicare Supplement. You will need to consider a Prescription Drug Plan to cover the out-of-pocket cost. Our advisors can walk you through that entire process and answer any questions you have, FREE of charge.
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  • Is Your Doctor A "Participating", "Non-Participating", or "Opt-Out" Provider?

    Did you know that your Medicare Part B costs will vary after you meet the deductible depending on the provider type you see? It is very important to check what type of provider you are visiting. If you do not know what a provider type is, it determines your cost for Part B services. There are three different provider types.
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  • Are You Moving Out of State with Medicare?

    Are you moving? Read this article to learn about the cost and potential penalties that could impact you when moving to a new state with Medicare.

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  • Medicare Coverage & Dermatology

    Did you know that every year in the United States more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all the cancers put together?
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